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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Monitoring Child's Internet Use and other expert advice at

Here's some good piece of advice for monitoring your children's Internet surfing habits. I'm a believer that a child should not be given free reign to do as she/he pleases. Much like I don't condone tv within the bedroom. It's your job to set clear guidelines for your children. You can find a link within the free newsletter for helping with the development of a contract with your children on setting these guidelines. Just visit

Monitoring Child's Internet Use and other expert advice at "Family Safety Expert Advice from Gavin de Becker

Question: My son is on the Internet every day after school and often through the evening. Although I drop in his room to see what he's looking at and who he's communicating with, I can't be there all the time. What do you suggest?

Answer: Some families keep the computer in a common area of the house (kitchen, den, etc.) so that kids are not assured of being alone when on the Internet. An option I recommend if your son has a computer in his room is to have a second screen that displays exactly what appears on your son's computer. This is an easy thing to wire, and can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars -- or nothing, if you use the monitor from an old computer."

Victor Kimura


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