Internet Safety for Kids

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Child Internet Protection

Protecting your children has been a top priority since the day they were born. Telling your children “Don’t talk to strangers” or “Don’t accept that lollipop” applies well to the real world but it seems a lot more difficult when that rule is applied to the online world of computers and the Internet. So what do you, as a parent, do and what do you tell your children? How do you protect your child or children from the online predators of today and other dangers such as pornography and other questionable material you do not wish your children to be reading or viewing? The dangers to children using the Internet have only recently come to the forefront of concerns. One of five children has been sexually solicited online; one of four children has been sent pictures of naked people; the first death of a child linked directly to an online predator was May 21, 2002. These numbers can be a shock to some. So is it recommended to stop children from using the Internet and the computer altogether? Well, certainly that is one way but there are many benefits to your child using the computer and the Internet.


Victor Kimura


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